Patronal Feast of Santa Domenica

Scorrano - Sunday, July 5, 2016

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Marine di Melendugno 2016

The Salento countryside

A walk through the green countryside of Salento will allow you to admire the masterpieces of the architecture of Salento.

The Pajare: rural buildings made with the technique of building dry and with the patient and laborious work of composing a mosaic of interlocking stones arranged to obtain cone-shaped buildings.


The pajare were temporary shelter for families who left their homes in the country in the summer, and moved to the country to care for and guard the crops and livestock that would guarantee the survival for the following winter.

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Lecce City

"Lecce may be called the Florence of the Baroque. In this artistic trend

there is nothing in Italy that you can compare with it. »

Lecce, which is the capital and the largest cultural center of the Salento peninsula, the seat of the archdiocese and the University of Salento, is located 11 km from the Adriatic coast and 23 km from the Ionian.

It is the capital of the easternmost province of Italy. Being active in the sectors of the agricultural industry (oil, wine), ceramics, paper mache and cultural tourism, Lecce can be also proud of its limestone which is malleable and very suitable for working with chisel.

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The town of Melendugno, located inland in the south-east of Lecce, at 36 m above the sea level and is 6.5 km from the Adriatic coast.

Melendugno includes six villages: Borgagne, Roca Vecchia (home of significant archaeological excavations), San Foca, Torre Specchia, Torre dell'Orso and Torre Sant'Andrea.

In 2011 the marine at Melendugno reconfirmed the Blue Flag award.

It overlooks the sea with a coastline of over 15 km between Mirror Tower, in the north, and Tower of Sant' Andrea, in the south.

The coast, characterized by beaches, bays, dunes and creeks in succession, by the presence of food in the northern islets and rocks in the south, has large areas of pine woods and several shrub species of the Mediterranean.

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Otranto is a town in the province of Lecce in Puglia.

Located on the Adriatic coast of Salento peninsula it is the easternmost town of Italy: the head of the same name, also called Capo d'Otranto, south of the town, is the geographic point to the east of the Italian peninsula.

In 2010, the old town became part of the UNESCO heritage because of its cultural preservation. It is also member of the club, ‘The most beautiful villages in Italy’.

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Roca Vecchia is a coastal village of Salento and Melendugno, in the province of Lecce.

It overlooks the Adriatic Sea and is located between San Foca and Torre dell'Orso.

The site of important archaeological excavations is a tourist center of relief during the summer.

The ruins of the castle, signals of the watchtower century, overlook the sea with the shrine of Our Lady of Roca from the seventeenth century.

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San Foca 

San Foca is a coastal village of Salento, part of Melendugno, which is a fraction, in the province of Lecce.


It is located between Torre Specchia Ruggeri and Roca Vecchia, on the Adriatic Sea. It's about twenty miles from Lecce and Otranto.

There are only a few steps from your apartment to the marina which is one of the most important of the coasts between Brindisi and Otranto.

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Torre Sant'Andrea


Sant' Andrea is a seaside village of Salento, marina of the municipality of Melendugno, in the province of Lecce.

Sant 'Andrea is dominated by a large, cool pine forest that reaches up to the Lakes Alimini.

The fishing port is situated on the Adriatic Sea, 2 km from the most popular beach resort, Bear Tower, which is 15 km from Otranto and 20 km from Lecce.

Its ‘faraglioni’ are very well known and they attract large numbers of tourists and lovers of unspoiled landscapes.

She was awarded several times with the Blue Flag of Europe's (like other Marine of Melendugno) for its clean water.

Evening dresses in new light offers tourists and locals concerts near the marina.

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