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Holiday Petrachi is located in San Foca, Melendugno Marina and composed of four apartments on two floors with all the amenities.

All rooms are carefully furnished. The kitchen is equipped with oven, refrigerator and utensils. The bathroom has a shower.

The apartments on the first floor have a large veranda / terrace with outdoor furniture for the pleasant, relaxing outdoors hours.

The ground floor apartments are provided with separate and nice back garden with outdoor furniture and shower.

With only 5 minutes walk from the vacation rental, Petrachi, you'll reach the nearest beach.

A few meters away you'll also find all the necessary services for your family.

The home also offers protected parking for cars.


Naturalmente Salento was born in 2012 thanks to the passion of Francesco Chiappalone, Environmental and Excursion Guide of the Puglia region and a group of friends and professional colleagues, engaged for years in promoting the conservation of nature and its resources. We plan and create naturalistic excursions, Hiking & Trekking in nature, historical paths, bike tours, Speleo-Trekking excursions with cave explorations, kayak and canoe excursions with exploration of sea caves, Snorkeling excursions to admire marine biodiversity, Itineraries and eco-tourism, environmental education projects and workshops and we promote sustainable and responsible tourism events in Salento.

The conformation of the coasts, the abundance of fish in the sea and the action that the sea water has affected on the rocks over the centuries, make Salento the ideal setting for scuba diving.


For some time, in our marine, diving instructors are trustful reference point to discover what the sea hides: fish of every kind, caves visible on the surface but the true beauty is hidden in the underwater shipwrecks of the coast of Salento which are also the safe heaven for fish.

Events | Scorrano 

Sunday, July 5

Patronal Feast of Santa Domenica

You say illuminations and immediately you can think of the patronal feast of Santa Domenica in Scorrano which ....

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Events  | Melendugno -Roca 

Sunday, May 10

On pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of the Madonna of Roca.

From Melendugno to Roca ... a man’s story!

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Cookbook | Pasticciotto

A heavenly lemon custard filled pie, this delectable pastry is widely consumed in Lecce the capital of Salento. Best eaten straight out of the oven whilst still warm, a breakfast treat in England, but ...

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About me

Sandra Petrachi

I was born and grew up by the sea, just where is my structure. I chose to take this adventure work because I love my land and my sea and hope to convey this emotion even to those who choose to spend a short / long holiday in San Foca area. I believe this can be achieved with simple and homely hospitality that is based precisely on concept of "HOME" as a place to "be at peace.
Parla: inglese, italiano

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